Friday, March 6, 2009

Mini-Vacation Here We Come!

Walter has next week off work. We decided to get away for the weekend.

We are headed to Long Beach. We have friends there and there's a great church there.

We thought we'd try to do some sightseeing since we never think or plan to do it. We've lived here for almost 11 years and haven't seen much of this very vast and beautiful state.

We checked on admission prices at Aquarium of the Pacific. The cost was a bit too much for the cash we had. So we thought we'd check out some state parks or the beach or just plain anything!

I was talking to one of our friends that live in Long Beach. I asked her for sightseeing destinations there. She told me she knows someone who works at the aquarium and they might be able to get us discounted tickets.

I talked with the gentleman today and guess what!!!!!!! He got us 4 complimentary tickets to the aquarium! We only have to pay for one of the boys to get in! Is that not incredible!? Praise the Lord for his goodness to us!

My husband wants to make the most of the day and that means we are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning (not my favorite way to get up, but oh well :) ).

We are supposed to go camping next week sometime, too. I'm a bit iffy as to whether or not I'll go. My idea of camping is the Marriott! *smile* The weather might not cooperate for us. But we'll find something to do. We're not staying home and doing nothing. Walter has been searching the internet for places to see that are fairly close to home so we will be busy, busy, busy. Yay!

We certainly don't have too many more days left with Lyndsey at home before she leaves for college. We need to make the most of it!