Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yesterday was Tyler's 10th birthday.

We had a couple of boys spend the night Sunday night and then another friend surprised us and called out of the blue to spend the day with us.

Anyhow, the boys started out sleeping in the living room. They moved into the bedroom later on. They woke up somewhat early (at least is wasn't 5:15 a.m. like it has been in the past) and I heard them talking.

Lawrence is one of the funniest kids I know. He's very quick witted. He has a great sense of humor. I heard the following:

Lawrence: Phyllip, I thought this was a boys' room.

Phyllip ignores/doesn't hear him.

Lawrence: Phyllip, I thought this was a boys' room.

Phyllip: It is.

Lawrence: Get out!
(just in case you don't understand, he was calling Phyllip a girl)

Tyler gets in on the conversation.
Tyler: Mr. George says we're all girls so we all have to get out!

Lawrence: Mr. George is an old, ancient woman and he's not allowed in here, either!

They were all laughing and I was laying in my bed laughing.

It was a very rainy and cold day yesterday. That didn't stop the boys from playing outside. Tyler came in to ask if he could get some shovels from the garage.

I looked at his jacket and noticed how wet it was and the following conversation took place.

Me: Tyler, it's pouring down rain outside. You guys need to come inside. Your jacket is all wet.

Tyler: Mommy, it's not pouring. It's just raining big drops!

Me: (puzzled) It's not pouring?
I looked outside and it was indeed pouring. I pulled rank and made every one of them come inside!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Really Exciting When You Start To See a Change...

in your children for the good.

I've been praying for my boys to start having their own personal devotion time daily. I realize that they might still be a bit young to be conscious about their spiritual walk. However, I want them to have a walk with the Lord at a young age that I didn't have. My desire is for them to know Him on a very deep, intimate level even at a young age.

I didn't tell anyone except the Lord.

This morning I knew Tyler was in his room. I thought he was doing some of his schoolwork. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was praying. He had asked me earlier about reading the Bible and I didn't think too much about it. But he had read a chapter in his Bible as well. He did this all on his own.

I am so thankful that my children are exhibiting a desire to walk with the Lord.

In case you might be wondering why I don't mention Lyndsey here, it's because she's been having her own personal devotions for about 5 years now every morning. She has a very strong relationship and walk with the Lord. And I am soooo thankful for that as well.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You'll Never Guess...

who Tyler got to talk to today!

He talked to the one and only "Patch the Pirate."

Walter was talking to a friend of ours on the phone when he motioned to Tyler to come to the phone. Tyler got on the phone and the VERY real "Patch the Pirate" was on the other end. He only got to talk with him for a few seconds but he thought it was great! That was probably a once in a lifetime thing.

I felt kinda bad for Phyllip because he didn't get to talk to him.