Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How Do You...

view your day?

Is it through the lens of "blessings" or through the lens of "how many things can I find wrong with this day?"

I don't know how many people are like me, but I'd venture out on a limb and say that because we are all sinners, we have pretty much the same outlook on daily life.

My outlook on life is usually on the negative side. I try to find the blessings, but my mind seems to always go back to something that happened that wasn't so "blessed."

I have told my children for quite a while now that the hardest job they will ever do is work with people. We all have different personalities, likes, dislikes, sensitivities, etc. Learning how to work with individuals is a challenge. But we do it every single day. We have to. There's no getting around it. The question is, am I learning to work with and encourage them or am I causing grief in their lives?

I am finding lately that relationships can be difficult. How is it that I have become so sensitive to other people and the things they do or say to me (whether intentional or not)? How is it that when someone has wronged me, I dwell on that one thing instead of all the blessings God has given me not only that day but for the last 40+ years? That sure is a blessing buster, let me tell you...and it changes my whole attitude until I confess my sin of bitterness and give the situation over to the Lord and ask Him to work it all out.

I've been thinking for a while about God's daily blessings in my life. A preacher recently said that for many years now he has kept a "blessing journal." He records his blessings daily and as of that night, he had recorded over 27,000 blessings! Wow! I bet that puts a skip in his step and it ought to put a skip in my step! This has been ringing in my head for several weeks now and I have now decided that I am going to start a "daily blessing journal." I bet I'm going to be incredibly surprised at just how many blessings I record on a daily basis!

Will you join me in starting a "blessing journal?" It will change your attitude for sure!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This particular post is similar to this post from last year.

This whole summer while Lyndsey was home from college, she tried to get a job. She applied everywhere (except for some places we believe are a little too scary for her to work at). Nothing. Nope. Notta. Zilch in the job market. She couldn't find a job.

As the months wore on, we (or maybe just Lyndsey and me) began to get a little nervous. After all, Lyndsey isn't a newbie when it comes to college. She's been through it before. We KNOW this year what will happen the first week she goes back to school - that first payment is due.

But nothing happened. Our family was praying for a job for her or provision of her needs. Our church was praying for her as well. Friends and extended family were praying.

And still....the Lord seemed to be silent on the whole issue. We were completely in the dark as to what God's plans were for this situation.

Our financial situation was much bleaker this year than last and we weren't/and still aren't able to help her in any way financially.

The only thing we knew to do was to take her back to school and trust God that He would provide.

The day we took Lyndsey back she had less than $100 in her bank account (she had $400 last year). I can't even begin to tell you the number of butterflies in my stomach that day. But we took her and came back home.

My girl told me that she was incredibly nervous when we said our goodbyes. She started having doubts about whether or not she was supposed to be there. Then she went to church that night. She said when she walked into the auditorium and sat down it was like the Lord told her, "Don't be nervous. You are right where I want you." She said an overwhelming peace came over her and she wasn't nervous anymore. To that, I say praise God!

She worked so hard those first five days she was back (She works part-time on campus which helps to pay a small portion of her bill) But she was loving every second of it.

The first week on campus is when the students register for classes, get settled in the dorms, purchase books, and make that dreaded first payment (at least it was dreaded for Lyndsey this time).

She had until Friday morning to pay the bill. She was waiting and waiting and waiting until the last possible minute to go to the finance office just in case some money just so happened to come in the mail or someone gave us some money for her or the Lord dropped it in our lap somehow.

Lyndsey and I were talking and I told her she might as well go to the finance office because we had checked the mail already for the day and I really didn't think anything would happen that day money wise. She really doesn't like going there if she can't pay the bill. She gets really nervous and because of her nerves, she cries and especially if she has to talk to Dr. Rasmussen (the head of the finance department and a very kind man, too) about her bill. She said, "Mom, I don't know what it is about going in to Dr. R's office, but every time I do, I cry! I really don't want to go there!" I told her I understood but she HAD to.

We were praying Dr. Rasmussen would give her an extension on paying her bill. He already knew she didn't have any money a couple of weeks before she went back because we had seen he and his family and he told us to bring her back anyway.

She got into his office and....she bawled like a baby! He looked at her and said, "Lyndsey, I am signing this paper and giving you an extension and trusting that somehow, some way the Lord will provide your bill." She called me right after leaving his office. She was laughing and crying at the same time and I was right with her and praising God the whole time.

Also, this year at the school, a new scholarship program has been started. Dr. Rasmussen told Lyndsey he made sure she was a participant in the program because he knew how much she needed the money. As long as she meets the requirement, 25% of her bill will be paid at the end of the semester. Hallelujah!

So......we've just been praying and waiting for God's perfect timing with her bill. Oh, and her bill is five monthly payments of almost $1,000. Whew! That's no chump change!

Last week, I got a text from someone very dear to me asking me who they should write a check to for Lyndsey's bill. I told them the information and decided that I was not about to count my chickens before the eggs hatched whatsoever! I was just thanking the Lord for any amount because I KNOW that He would multiply it greatly.

We got the check in the mail yesterday. When I opened the envelope, a check for $1,500 was inside! Glory to God! PRAYER DOES WORK!

This is such a faith building lesson that continues to be so very evident not only in our lives but in Lyndsey's life as well. I heard a preacher say recently, "Faith doesn't mean you aren't scared or nervous, but that you are obedient." Wow! I've thought for many years that I didn't have the right kind of faith because so many times I have been scared or nervous over different situations.

God really does reward our faith. I KNOW and have known (as well as my husband and Lyndsey) that West Coast Baptist College is EXACTLY where our daughter is supposed to be right now. It is so evident to us. There are other little things too that have happened to solidify this to us. I can't say it's been easy to have faith, but it definitely has strengthened my faith!

Faith = obedience
If God wants you to do something, just be obedient. He WILL work out all the details right down to the tiniest. If He's done it for me, He will do it for you, too!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who He Knows

Walter and the boys get their hair cut every four weeks. They go to a barber shop in our little town. It's reasonable prices and the woman does a really good job.

The owner of the shop is a Hispanic woman (who I will call Rachel just for this story - I really don't know her name) who speaks broken English but is very kind.

Walter told our pastor about this little shop. He goes there every so often when he's in town.

Unbeknownst to Walter, Pastor had gotten his hair cut and had left a gospel tract with her inviting her to our church. The next time Walter and the boys went in to get their hair cut, Rachel commented about the tract and he told her that was our pastor (Walter has given Rachel a gospel tract or two inviting her to our church as well).

A few weeks back, Pastor went in to get his hair cut. As she was cutting his hair, they had a discussion.

Apparently, Walter had tried to describe Pastor to Rachel and she didn't understand. As Pastor and Rachel were talking, he described Walter and the boys to her. She knew exactly who they were. And then she had her very strong opinion about Walter's descriptive abilities.

She said, "He no no how to scribe who he nos!" (you must use a very strong Spanish accent when saying this)

Um......I think he needs some work on describing people (at least in Rachel's opinion)!

Monday, September 6, 2010

What Do I Title This?

A couple of weeks ago I was walking towards the boys' bedroom. In the hallway right in front of their door was the following picture.

Notice that the sign says "worrier" (who's his spelling teacher?????)
(This sign was made by my Tyler)

Actually this is for a "warrior" club. Apparently they need money to buy their gear! I don't know how much they need for their club but it doesn't hurt to ask for donations! I secretly put a quarter in the little envelope at the bottom of the sign. Also notice that there is 62 cents in there.

I had to take a picture of this. I want to remember this sign from them being little.