Thursday, January 21, 2010


Well.....where do I begin?

I took a bit of a break from the blogging world because life got so crazy.

Lyndsey came home for the Christmas break the 15th of December and since that day, I think I've only been home without going anywhere 3 days total since then!

She ended up getting an interview and then a job selling Cutco cutlery. The schedule for training was crazy, to say the least. But after training was over, the actual job was even crazier - almost like organized chaos! We would leave the house between 8 and 9 am and most days didn't get home til around 9 pm or later. This went on for about 10 days. We were exhausted - we were snapping at each other from the stress of going seemingly all.the.time. There was no such thing as family time and it got old real fast!

It turns out that the company Lyndsey was working for wasn't exactly forthcoming with how the business works (which I had my doubts about from the beginning - just call it mother's intuition). She got to where she absolutely despised it. But she was able to make some money and finish paying off last semester's tuition.

The knives are incredible, though. We got to keep the sample set of knives and I am in "knife heaven" so to speak. If you are in the market for new knives, get Cutco - their guarantee is really great.

Momma had to drive her around to all her training (120+ miles roundtrip for 5 days) plus her appointments. It was really hard to be gone all day every day. The boys didn't exactly like it, either. I was happy to drive her around but even she got tired of the constant traveling.

We didn't let Lyndsey get her driver's license because she wasn't going to need it in college and we couldn't afford to pay the insurance for her. We are rethinking that one now! If she comes home for the summer, she WILL get her license and pay for her own insurance.


Walter was offered a second job back in November (I was trained in the job as well so that we can be on call 24/7). He jumped at the chance because we have been praying for a way to help get Lyndsey through college.

We flew up to northern California a couple of weeks ago - just Walter and I - to meet the owner in person and to be trained.

Wow! That's what came out of my mouth when we got to the cottage we stayed in. I wish I had had my camera while we were there. It was the most beautifully decorated home I've ever been in! It had top of the line furniture in it that was incredibly comfortable (leather armchairs that were oober comfy with throw blankets over them, the bed - incredible, a massage chair that Walter fell in love with, bose home theatre system, etc.). The decorations were just enough - not overstated at all. Beautiful antique lamps and end tables finished it. We were given access to the internet at our leisure. There was a hot tub (we didn't use it because of lack of time plus it was soooooooooo cold while we were there). The bathroom towels were plush and soft. The bed sheets were "out of this world" comfortable.

Tom (the boss) had emailed us a few days before we went there and asked what kind of food and snacks and drinks we liked. He told us to be specific and not bashful. We're the kind of people who are happy with pretty much anything but we did give a couple of specifics. When we got there and looked in the kitchen everything we had told him and more was loaded in it! The refrigerator was full - the freezer was just about full! Tom's wife had even left us a gigantic Hershey's chocolate bar on the end table next to the bed.

We were treated like royalty while there!

Tom and his wife are very strong Christians and he was looking for someone of like faith to help him take care of some business that we live close to.

The cottage we stayed in is what Tom's church uses for all of their guest speakers and missionaries. Walter asked who had stayed there before us and we felt like we were walking where royalty had been. We felt like we were part of the family while there.

We have since started the work down here and so far, we like it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


How many men does it take to change 4 lightbulbs in my 2001 Buick LeSabre??????


We were pulled over by the police a couple of weeks ago because our tail and license plate lights were out (didn't know about the license lights). The officer let us go and I went the next day to get the replacement lights.

Walter had tried 3 times to replace the lights but finally gave up because he ended up not having the right tools. Jiffy Lube had offered to replace them a couple weeks back and Walter turned them down thinking he could replace them. We ended up taking the car back to them on Sunday and asked if they would change them for us.

They did. took 3 of them to do it!! No joke and no exaggeration!!!!! It took one to hold the trunk lid and one to unscrew. After that, it took one to hold the tail light/license plate contraption (one big piece), one to hold the trunk lid, and one to replace the bulbs!

In their defense, they had no other work going on at that time and they were really very nice guys. It just made me laugh thinking about the old joke that says, "How many guys does it take to change a light bulb?"