Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It Was Begging To Be Cleaned

I decided to make homemade pizza tonight. It was going to be a really good one.

I had put fresh basil in the sauce and extra basil on top of all the vegies. Mmmmm...my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

It was done cooking and I was pulling out both of the pizzas. I had made one for the boys and one for Walter and I.

I got the boys' pizza out no problem. I was pulling out our pizza. The hot pad I was holding onto was slipping and I didn't want to burn myself. I tried to compensate for it and ended up overcompensating. The pizza tilted just so and whoosh, the whole top of the pizza slid right onto the bottom of my oven! I was so shocked! I couldn't believe it had happened!

Walter and I ended up eating quesadillas instead. Bummer! Certainly not the dinner I had planned!

Oh well. The oven hasn't been cleaned in a long time. Like the title of this post says, it was begging to be cleaned!

If Thou Canst...

Mark 9:23 "Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth."

I read this verse yesterday in my devotions.

I have read particular passages in the Bible many times. I can read the same thing 2 or 3 days in a row and one day it will just smack me in the face with amazing understanding! That's what happened when I read Mark 9:23 yesterday.

I believe it all has to do with where I/you are in life.

Walter and I are about to embark on a voyage in our marriage that we've never been to before (our marriage is incredibly strong so please don't think we are having marital problems). We both completely agree with the direction. I am having a little bit of leeriness because I can only see this voyage through 'foggy windows' so to speak. I know that the end result will be better but going on the voyage is foggy at best right now. That's where Mark 9:23 comes into the picture for me. I must claim that verse to take away my skepticism and just believe. Believe that Jesus is leading the way for us because the verse says that ALL things are possible to him that believeth!

We have seen the Lord do some incredible things in our lives and Lyndsey's life since she went to college so I KNOW this verse is true!

I hope you will claim the verse, too!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

I have to admit that last week I celebrated another birthday (the big f-o-r-t-y). Yikes - am I really that old? I remember when I was 20 thinking that 40 was soooooooooooo far away. And now here I am and truthfully, I love my age.

We had a nice, quiet evening just my husband and I alone for the whole night. And I will say that after the day I had, a night away from the kids was just what the doctor ordered!

Saturday rolled around and we went on a deacons retreat to Big Bear. Things were a little weird that morning. Our pastor called and asked us to pick up a few items on our way to meet at the church before heading to Big Bear. And then he said, "When you get to the church, DO NOT open the refrigerator!" We said ok and just shrugged it off. Sure enough, the sign was there in VERY BIG letters.

Everything is great. We make it up to Big Bear and are parking when I see our pastor's wife talking to someone. I thought I recognized her. And then I realized who it was. Do you remember the missionary family we went to see last year in Madagascar? They were there!!!! They are back in the US for a furlough to raise more support and get some health issues taken care of. We were elated to see them! Dear pastor's wife then tells me that part of my birthday present was to bring the Pritchards out to see us (so sweet). Pastor had told us back in August that he had lined up someone special to come out but he absolutely refused to tell us who it was. His lips were super-glued shut about it. Turns out that everyone except Walter and I knew about it.

We had a great time in Big Bear. We traveled back down the mountain and headed to one of the deacon's homes for dinner. We were treated to authentic mexican carne asada. Can I just tell you how mouth watering good it was! Our pastor's wife had cupcakes made especially for me and that's when I found out why I wasn't allowed in the refrigerator. Then I was given a couple of gifts - a candle that smells out-of-this-world good with a candle holder and then a $200 gift card. I didn't open the card until Sunday because I thought my pastor's wife said it was something other than it was. Boy did my mouth hit the ground Sunday morning when I opened it up!

We were able to spend the day with the Pritchards on Sunday as well. They were our guests in church. It was so great to see them and spend time with them. Walter and I had forgotten just how passionate Ja is when he preaches about missions. It really stirred up both of us for missions again.

I was definitely spoiled rotten!


I am happy to report that Lyndsey LOVES college! So loves it, in fact, that she doesn't miss home (she will soon - I just know it!).

Also on the joyful front, she took her first real test and got a 95 (all the others were pop quizzes)! What was a little weird was that she was mad at herself for only getting a 95. She wanted that 100 so bad she could taste it!

I'm not so happy to report that my daughter (aka social butterfly) is sick. Apparently, a lot of the students are sick and it's now Lyndsey's turn.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wasted Spaces

We decided a few years ago that it was time for us to shut the tv off (that turned out to be one of the best decisions we've made - I'm not saying it's for everyone, just that it's been good for us). We got rid of the satellite dish and chose not to get cable or use rabbit ears as well.

There are a few channels I miss being able to watch still after almost 4 years with no tv. They happen to be Food Network and HGTV.

Upon surfing the internet one night a couple of months ago, I ran across some shows from HGTV and DIY channels.

We started watching an episode here and there.

Little did I know that watching "Wasted Spaces" would have such a profound effect on Phyllip. From the very first episode the kid was hooked. So hooked, in fact, that he asks to watch one episode at least once a day (and we hear Tyler yell, "Nooooooooo!)!

Not only does he love the show, but for about a week, he would go around the house looking for 'wasted spaces.' With tape measure in hand, he would search and search. He even got Tyler helping him to find space that was being 'wasted' in our home. One day he said he found room between the main bathroom and our bedroom closet. Turned out to be only 4 inches. Another day, he got a brilliant idea. We should convert our attic into a storage room. That's not happenin, either!

I just like to watch the shows. You can get some pretty good ideas from them and one day those ideas might just come in handy when we have enough money to tackle a do-it-yourself home remodel project.

Until then, Phyllip will just have to keep watchin'.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Few Things I've Learned

In the last week, I've learned a few things.

First - parenting is H.A.R.D.!

After all the phases of raising a child(ren), Walter and I have come to the conclusion that the most difficult part is allowing them to be adults. You can tell them, show them, remind them several times of things they need to do, etc., but in the end, it's up to them to actually complete the tasks set before them the correct way. You hope they choose the correct way the first time so they don't have to learn the hard way. Interestingly, though, I believe we learn better and faster from our mistakes (or at least most of us).

Letting go of Lyndsey last week at college was easy (I shock myself when I say that - I didn't think I would be able to). Letting her learn how to be an adult now that she's 'on her own'? INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT!

Lyndsey had a few days last week that turned out completely opposite of what we had expected. In a fitting phrase I will just say that 'life bit her hard.' Add to that far less sleep than she's used to and learning time management without Dad and Mom around to remind her and you wind up with a young lady who's beside herself with stress. However, a little sleep and food did wonders for her!

Walter and I did what we could to assure her that she would make it through and to remind her that she needs to keep her trust in the Lord and Him alone to help her through this. She's only ever watched us deal with problems. She's not really had to deal with anything so stressful on her own before. But God will make a way for her.

Lyndsey made it through those rough days, but she's not 'out of the woods' just yet. I would ask you to keep her in your prayers. Her college years will hold some of her greatest memories, but they will also have some very difficult times, too.

There is a praise to go along here, too. Lyndsey was out soulwinning on Saturday with several girls and she was able to win a couple of young teenage girls to the Lord! So, even though last week was somewhat bumpy for her, the Lord rewarded her for her faithfulness to stick it out!

I do know that eventually we will hear the words, "Gee, Dad and Mom, you really do know some things!"

We love that girl so much and miss her!

The second thing I learned is from today.

Down here in our desert a lot of people take their animals to the hardware stores. I even saw a woman with her cat in a shopping cart at Home Depot once.

So being the animal lover that I am and not wanting to disappoint our very excited, happy-go-lucky little dog, I suggested to my husband that he take said dog to Home Depot with him. I mean, after all she would have a great time, right? And she's not gone anywhere in the car since she went to the groomer back in July! What could go wrong?

Wonderful husband gives in and takes Ruby with him. She is the happiest dog you've ever seen. She got to go bye-bye!

He comes home and unloads the car. A few minutes later he says to me, "It wasn't such a good idea to take Ruby to the hardware store." I asked why. "She was a chick magnet!" Those were his exact words!

Come on, think about it. Who wouldn't want to pet a cute dog? But I hadn't factored in all the women that would use the opportunity to flirt with my husband!

Can anybody ignore such a cute face? She's adorable!

My eyebrows went way up and then I started laughing. I'm still chuckling now typing this! I can envision how the whole thing went and my husband is just rolling his eyes because he wants to 'get in and get out' of the store! That's how he operates. He just doesn't like to shop.

So the moral of the story is, don't send your husband to the hardware store with your animal unless you go with him! He will get attention he didn't ask for!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I REALLY Love Where I Live

I really do love the desert.

I'm reminded of how much I love the desert each time I have to leave and drive somewhere in SoCal.

Yesterday was one such day.

I was to attend a church management and tax conference at a hotel just outside LAX. In order for me to get there on time, I allowed myself a 3 hour window. It took me 3 hours and 20 minutes to get there. I left my home at 5:30 a.m. Ugh!

I finally get there and there's no regular hotel parking. There is a parking garage underneath the hotel and it's airport and hotel parking. The best part is....it costs to park! I had no idea.

I'm driving thru the garage to find a spot to park. I found one and then the unthinkable happened.


Now, I'm not only late to the conference, I'm crying because I wasn't careful enough while driving, I'm sweating because of all of this and my bladder is FULL to the brim!

The only damage done to the car I hit was some paint was scratched off, but nonetheless. My car has no damage (only gray paint on my front bumper). I left my name and number on the windshield.

I was a wreck when I finally got up to the conference room. It took me quite a while to calm down and concentrate on the conference.

The drive home wasn't any shorter of a time period. The freeways in SoCal are a nightmare at best. Stop and go no matter what time of day it is (at least during the week). When you get to a certain little city close to home, the freeway clears out and it's smooth sailing all the way home. We don't get that kind of traffic here in the desert.

So....to reiterate the title of this post... I really love where I live!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

She Misses Me, I Just Know It!

Our dear daughter is now at college. We dropped her off last Sunday.

Since Sunday, she has called me about 9 times.

I miss that girl more than I could ever describe.

Today, we were talking and she said, "Mom, there was something I was going to tell you but I can't remember." I said, "You were going to tell me how much you love me and miss me and you want to come home!" "Um, I do miss you but I'm not ready to come home," dear daughter says.

Can you believe that?

Lyndsey and I have an awesome relationship. She tells me everything. She has a great sense of humor and I miss seeing her smile (it's beautiful).

Just for the record, I wasn't offended by her comment.